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CruitCast saves collegiate programs, coaches, parents, and athletes time, money, and stress by minimizing the need to travel and increasing the scope and efficiency of collegiate athletic recruiting. CruitCast seamlessly connects coaches to live-streaming video and statistics of recruiting tournaments, alongside socially connected profiles. Our platform streamlines access to information and allows recruitment to occur efficiently from anywhere, anytime.

The Best way to recruit and be recruited, Period.

Live streaming video and real-time statistics

CruitCast Live-streaming video and statistics

Customer Testimonials:
Why CruitCast is Right for You!

“Awesome work CruitCast! Watching the IAC Tournament playoffs live on your website saved me the time and effort that would have been necessary otherwise. Thank you for putting this together for coaches!”

– Coach T

“I live in NY city and couldn’t make it to MD to watch my brother play in his final high school game and support my alma mater. With CruitCast, I was able to watch and support my brother from the city without any travel. The live-stream was high quality, clear, and smooth.”

– Ben R

“I live and go to school in Delaware and decided to try out CruitCast before one of my high school games. Three coaches who were watching the event saved me and reached out through the CruitCast messaging system. What was cool was they were coaches that I would have probably never been able to connect with.”

– Nolan B

How Our Customers Benefit


  • Watch live and recorded video broadcasts
  • Access live stats for players, teams, and events
  • Evaluate prospects remotely
  • More athletes without time consuming travel
  • Message and save potential recruits
  • Build a program profile to attract top talent


  • Broadcast games directly to college recruiters
  • Customize a recruiting profile
  • Respond to messages from college recruiters
  • Upload game film and highlight reels
  • Review and download game film
  • Save your favorite college programs


  • Watch live and recorded video broadcasts
  • Access live stats for players, teams, and events
  • Manage your athlete’s recruitment process
  • Never miss another game
  • Save on travel and accommodations
  • Review game film and highlight reels