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Sport: Lacrosse
Georgetown Prep vs SSSAS
May 7th @Georgetown Prep – 5:00pm

Lacrosse – vs St. Mary’s – March 1st @4:30pm
Lacrosse – vs Severn – March 9th @4:15pm
Lacrosse – vs Gonzaga – March 15th @7:00pm
Lacrosse – vs Spalding – March 20th @4:30pm
Lacrosse – vs Loyola Academy – March 22nd @11:30am
Lacrosse – vs St. Peter’s Prep – March 24th @1:00pm
Lacrosse – vs Fordham Prep- March 26th @11:00am
Lacrosse – vs Calverton – April 2nd @4:30pm
Lacrosse – vs St. Albans – April 5th @4:30pm
Lacrosse – vs Episcopal – April 12th @4:30pm
Lacrosse – vs St. Ignatius – April 20th @1:00pm
Lacrosse – vs SSSAS – April 26th @4:30pm
Lacrosse – vs SSSAS – May 7th @5:00pm

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Bullis 13 vs 9 SSSAS

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