A Message From the Founders

CruitCast was born on the recruiting trail. Our founding members sought to create a more efficient way of watching prospective athletes in action. The goal is to decrease cost, stress, and travel while increasing productivity, exposure, agency, and connectivity for coaches and athletes. Having been college athletes and coaches ourselves, we know about the time and effort it takes to find the right fit. CruitCast aims at making the right connections for coaches, athletes, and fans.
PIcture of Nick Rhoads

Nicholas Rhoads
Founder & President

NCAA Collegiate Lacrosse Coach, NCAA All-American, NCAA National Champion, Tufts University ’12, Camp, League, & Tournament Director, High School & Middle School Coach

Picture of Brian Zuber

Brian Zuber
Marketing & Sales

NCAA Collegiate Soccer, MA, Sports Administration, Marketing & Sales Professional, Club & Youth Coach

Picture of Abdul Hameed

Khawaja Abdul Hameed
Database & Technology

NCAA Collegiate Soccer, MBA, Wesley College, Data & Strategic Research Specialist, Database Administration Specialist.

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